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Meet the PoSms

The Potato Smashers are a group of cosplayers based in the Pacific Northwest. There are seven members currently: Malaria emma_larkin, Qire victoriantechno, Yagi yagi_san, Jaqua spiffy_teacup, Felix felix_duskglass, Rekka sk_chan, and Auricle auriclesis.

[Bios] - Get to know your favorite starch-hitting cosplayers
[Upcoming Cons] - Our future convention and cosplay plans
[Completed Projects] - Our past adventures
[Ongoing Projects] - Our future shenanigans

Other places to find The Potato Smashers online:

[TUTORIAL] Nail Acrylic Teeth

As requested by several people, here is a tutorial for making teeth out of fake nails and nail acrylic! It may not sound very appealing, but this method is actually very similar to the method used to make Scarecrow fangs. Like Scarecrow fangs, nail acrylic fangs (or full sets of nail acrylic teeth) are custom fit to your teeth, very durable, and last a very long time through many many uses. This tutorial is for making both fangs and full sets of teeth, such as my Veser teeth. I did not invent this method, I simply made the tutorial.

CAUTION & DISCLAIMER: This tutorial contains unflattering close-up photos of my mouth. : x The photos were also taken by myself myspace-style, and the fang making process was rather rushed, so the photos and fangs are not the highest quality. My apologies.

Onward to the Tutorial!Collapse )

Scarecrow fangs VS Nail Acrylic fangsCollapse )


I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! I've never made a tutorial before, so if you have any questions or comments, please let me know.


Sakuracon 2011 Cosplay Schedule!

Here's the PoSm group cosplay lineup for Sakuracon 2011! Assuming we finish our costumes in time. @~@ Sadly, Felix will not be joining us for this Sakuracon. D : Maybe next year...

 - Peter Pan
 - Genderbent!Hanna is Not a Boy's Name
 - Axis Powers Hetalia
 - Ao no Exorcist
 - Avatar: The Last Airbender
Characters: Germany, Austria and Prussia - Axis Powers Hetalia
Date: Saturday July 17th 2010
Location: Malaria's house
Photographer: Andy
I have obviously been overwhelmingly slow in getting these up. So now they're Happy American Thanksgiving pics. It's still Thursday on the west coast. It's how we roll.
This was originally supposed to be a shipping sort of shoot, but we are apparently huge failures at doing even vaguely shippy things and having them turn out well. In light of our egregious fail, we are taking requests in the hope that it'll inspire us to be better. Details at the end of this post.

Qire - Germany
Malaria - Austria
Yagi - Prussia

[PHOTOS]Collapse )

Skip that nonsense, I wanna read about requests!Collapse )

Akicon 2010 Cosplay Schedule!

Several of us PoSms will be at Akicon this year: Qire, Malaria, Jaqua, Rekka, and myself, as well as some Other Cool Dudes. We're only doing one, maybe two group cosplays, though, and even then only a few of us are in each group. But still! We'll be there! : D And we'll miss Felix and Auricle and all the other Other Cool Dudes. : <

We have no schedule for specific days, so just in general our group cosplays for Akicon are:
 - Avatar: The Last Airbender
 - ? Mafitalia Bros + Spain

As for Yaoicon, I'll make separate posts for the two lovely photoshoots we did with the wonderful Roget. <3

See you at Akicon!

Yaoicon 2010 Cosplay Schedule!

Ahaha I forgot I had this icon... ANYWAY!
Unfortunately Qire and I (Yagi) will be the only PoSms at Ycon this year. ;o; But a whole lot of Other Cool Dudes will be there as well, so it won't be too lonely!

EDIT: Lawl change of plans. Unsurprisingly. : P

- Jet and Sokka ~ Avatar: The Last Airbender
- Sarah and Odette ~ Honeydew Syndrome
- Vampire!Jet and Werewolf!Sokka ~ A:TLA fanfic AU/orig design just normal Jet and Sokka again probably
- Casual Germany & CD Prussia Casual Spain & S.Italy ~ Axis Powers Hetalia

We'll do our best to bring back as much video and photo ridiculousness as we can to share with the rest of you~! T^T
Come say hi if you see us!

Now back to homework and sewing and cleaning and AAAAHHHH con prep is so crazy. @~@

Upcoming Cons and Cosplays

Tentative future convention and cosplay plans for the Potato Smashers. Cons to be attended and cosplays to be worn subject to change at least 182 times in the next year.

Cut for listsCollapse )

Kumoricon 2010 Cosplay Schedule!

The lack of updates since Sakuracon is 99.9% my fault. I have three photoshoots sitting on my computer, waiting to be edited, and not a single one is even started. My apologies. OTL

Here's our cosplay lineup for Kumoricon 2010!

 - German Trio uniforms for the photoshoot
 - German Trio PJs for the PJ Party panel
 - Avatar: The Last Airbender for photoshoots
 - Mafitalia bros + Spain for the ball
 - Avatar again, or whatever we feel like...

The sheer simplicity of this lineup is already setting up Kcon'10 to be Fantasticon'10 in comparison to the Franticon/Hecticon of Sakurcon'10.
Come say hi if you see us! We love you all~!

[PHOTOSHOOT] German Trio at Sakuracon

Characters: Germany, Austria and Prussia - Axis Powers Hetalia
Date: Sunday April 4th 2010
Location: Washington State Convention and Trade Center - International Meeting Place
Photographer: Hideaki
Only a month late! :D;; We took these pics on the last day of Sakuracon in a one hour photoshoot. We were really happy to wear these costumes even for such a short while. There will definitely be more German Trio in the future.

Qire - Germany
Malaria - Austria
Yagi - Prussia


[PHOTOS]Collapse )

Weapons~! <3

Props: they're not essential, but they can really make or break an outfit. We PoSms LOVE props. If we made a list of all the props we have between us, it would stretch to the moon and back. So instead, we'll give you a list of only those props that could be classified as "weapons" (like that narrows it down any >> ).

Say hello to our little friends...Collapse )

I  hope that was an entertaining waste of your time! A post with our Sakuracon plans is coming in the near future. Now back to studying for finals...