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Weapons~! <3

Props: they're not essential, but they can really make or break an outfit. We PoSms LOVE props. If we made a list of all the props we have between us, it would stretch to the moon and back. So instead, we'll give you a list of only those props that could be classified as "weapons" (like that narrows it down any >> ).

Below we have two lists: one is a list of weapons we already own, and the other is a list of all the weapons we plan to own by the end of the year. Both are in approximate order of when we got them, and include which cosplay each weapon is associated with.


Taichi sword - no costume, Qire
WWII Japanese sword - no costume, Yagi
Rubber knives x5 - no costume, Yagi
Beat-stick - no costume, Yagi
Super Toast Staff of Toastiness - Super Toast
Throwing needles x3 - Haku
Foam swords x2 - Kaku
Kingdom Keyblade - Sora/Roxas
Lexicon - Zexion
Scythe - Duo
Fencing foil - Wufei
Struggle bat - Hayner
Nerf gun - various
Crowbar - our friend as America
Clipboard - Lithuania
Parasol - Saki-chan
Flagpoles x3 - various Hetalia
Uzi - Mafitalia (in a dress)
Conductor's baton - Austria
Plastic sword - Pirate!Prussia (closet)
Nerf gun "Longshot" - various
AK47 - Finland
Pistol - Prussia
Tiny water guns x2 - Zim and Dib
Street sign - Shizuo
Switchblades x2 - Izaya

Tommy gun - Mafitalia Spain
Ray guns - Zim and Dib
Vending machine - Shizuo
Bazooka - Finland
Staff - Fai
Mac10s x2 - Badou
Luger - Heine
Mauser - Heine
Shotguns - Succession
Moar swords - Succession

I  hope that was an entertaining waste of your time! A post with our Sakuracon plans is coming in the near future. Now back to studying for finals...