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Kumoricon 2010 Cosplay Schedule!

The lack of updates since Sakuracon is 99.9% my fault. I have three photoshoots sitting on my computer, waiting to be edited, and not a single one is even started. My apologies. OTL

Here's our cosplay lineup for Kumoricon 2010!

 - German Trio uniforms for the photoshoot
 - German Trio PJs for the PJ Party panel
 - Avatar: The Last Airbender for photoshoots
 - Mafitalia bros + Spain for the ball
 - Avatar again, or whatever we feel like...

The sheer simplicity of this lineup is already setting up Kcon'10 to be Fantasticon'10 in comparison to the Franticon/Hecticon of Sakurcon'10.
Come say hi if you see us! We love you all~!