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Yagi yagi_san
[everything you need to know]
Birthday/Age: November 14th / 20
Life Dream: Sleep for 72 hours straight
Fandom: Hanna is Not a Boy's Name and Assassin's Creed
Series: Gundam Wing, Saiyuki, Cowboy Bebop
OTP: Yamato/Taichi from Digimon, Smoker/Ace from One Piece
Character: Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z, Heine from Dogs: Bullets & Carnage
Band: Floater, Bad Religion, Sleater-Kinney, The Beatles
Song: Are You Gonna' Be My Girl by Jet
[in the flesh]
Sakuracon 2010: Norway, Prussia, PJ Prussia, Samuel, Zim, Shizuo, Fem!Shizuo
Kumoricon 2010: Prussia, PJ Prussia, Mafia Romano, Season 2 Sokka, Rendezvous Sokka
Yaoicon 2010: Season 2 Sokka, casual Sokka, Odette
Akicon 2010: Season 2 Sokka, Date Night / Romantic Rendezvous Sokka
Future cosplay plans: [link]

Hallo, Yagi here, sometimes known as Goatchild. Music fuels everything I do, and fanfics and calculus make everything more entertaining (and sexy). Things that make me squee: boots, belts, dogs, and chocolate. Things that make me hide in a corner: cooking, heat, spicy food, and writing. Which is why instead of writing a bio I'm just giving you more lists. 8D You can think of me as the ass-hole boyfriend you only keep around for entertainment. If I'm acting like an ass, it probably just means I like you. <3

Malaria emma_larkin
[everything you need to know]
Birthday/Age: June 28 / 18
Fandom: Hanna is Not a Boy's Name
Series: Gundam Wing
Book: Neil Gaiman's Sandman comics
Movie: Labyrinth
[sites] are both completely empty right now. >>
[in the flesh]
Sakuracon 2010: Sealand, Austria, PJ Austria, Dib, Erik, Kida, Fem!Kida
Kumoricon 2010: Austria, PJ Austria, Mafia N.Italy, Toph
Akicon 2010: Season 2 Toph

Hey proto-minionseverybody! I'm Malaria, and I usually act as the mouthpiece for this fine group. Aside from cosplay, I like to trawl the internet and talk to interesting people. I enjoy accomplishing small clothes-fixing tasks likes sewing on buttons and darning socks. For music I listen to stuff mostly falling in the punk, post-punk, goth and alt folk genres. My mind control is more subtle than you will ever know.

Qire victoriantechno
[everything you need to know]
Birthday/Age: December 4th / 19
Fandom: Hetalia
Series: Nabari no Ou or DOGS
OTP: Kurogane/Fai or Wolfram/Yuuri or Raikou/Gau
Band: Tegan and Sara,
Song: 1234, 1234, by Catch 22... atm anyways
Book: Good Omens by Neal Gaimen and Terry Pratchet
Movie: V for Vendetta
[in the flesh]
Sakuracon 2010: Finland, Germany, PJ Germany, Metis, Izaya, Fem!Izaya
Kumoricon 2010: Germany, PJ Germany, Mafia Spain, Jet
Yaoicon 2010: Jet, casual Jet, Sarah
Akicon 2010: Jet

Hey, I'm Qire, at the moment I really hate the questions above because I'm horrible at picking just one thing as a favourite. I'm not sure what the point of this individual intro is, so I'll just explain some stuff about me. I like Techno music as much as Ska, I love love love guns and characters with eyepatches, my dream is to backpack across Europe and I love cooking. So I'm like a badass raving housewife you don't fuck with.

Auricle auriclesis 
[everything you need to know]
Birthday/Age: June 13 / 19
Fandom: Hetalia
Series: Revolutionary Girl Utena & Simoun
Book: Jpod by Douglas Coupland
Musical Artist: David Bowie
Potatoe: Baked sweet potato
[in the flesh]
Kumoricon 2010: Revolutionary War America, FIFA Italy, and more
Sakuracon 2011: Revolutionary War America, maybe other things
Kumoricon 2011: ? ? ?

Hello everyone! This is Auricle here. I’m the eternal optimist type, and I like people too much. Besides cosplay my hobbies are doing papercrafts, and raising succulents and cacti. I’m also terrified of being annoying to people. ' w ';

SK / Rekka sk_chan 
[everything you need to know]
Birthday/Age: March 29th / 20
Fandom: Doctor Who
Series: Soul Eater, Tales of
OTP: Jade/Dist, House/Wilson
Band: Evanescence, Linkin Park, D'espairsray
Song: ...no idea
Book: ...lots of manga
Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean
[in the flesh]
Sakuracon 2010: Spirit, Prussia colonial ver., Chrona, Shizuo
Kumoricon 2010: Izaya, Jade Resort King ver., Death the Kid, Zuko season 3 ver., The Eleventh Doctor

Heya, I'm Rekka, aka the badass War-of-Austrian Succession Prussia of awesome. 8D I can draw, play the violin, and make a costume in two nights. I'm into anime, manga, video games, and sci-fi. That includes Star Trek, Firefly, and Doctor Who. Also, House MD to put in something random. I'm also super-interested in psychology so don't mind me if I psycho-analyze you on the side~... Oh, and if you're into Myers-Briggs, I'm flamingly ENTP, even though at times I seem INTP. Contemplating the meaning of life is something that happens often. And I prefer no whip on my hot chocolate, but pile on lots of marshmellows and you may be considered to be good enough to become my minion. YO PEEPZ.

Felix felix_duskglass 
[everything you need to know]
Birthday/Age: June 25th / 19
[in the flesh]
Kumoricon 2010: School Uniform Aang, Fire Naiton PJs

The Felix is a mysterious and ninja-like being. It does not eat, it does not sleep, and it does not write its own bios because it is a sillyhead.

Jaqua spiffy_teacup 
[everything you need to know]
Birthday/Age: June 6th / 19
Fun Fact: Jaqua likes a lot of things
Fandom: Harry Potter, Hanna is Not a Boy's Name, Assassin's Creed, Avatar: The Last Airbender, TF2
Series: Harry Potter, Assassin's Creed, Avatar
OTP: Ron/Hermione, Altair/Malik, Altair/Maria, Ezio/Leo, Ezio/Rosa, Desmond/Shaun, Jet/Zuko, Sokka/Suki, Sokka/Zuko,
Character: Ezio and Claudia Auditore from AC2/Brotherhood, Shaun Hastings from the same, pretty much everybody in A:tLA (though mostly Sokka and Zuko), pretty much everybody in Harry Potter (though mostly Ron and Dumbledore)
Band: Keane, Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Frederic Chopin, Team Starkid, Amanda Palmer, Lady Gaga, Radiohead, Deadmau5, Swedish House Mafia, M.I.S., The Beatles, Imogen Heap
Meyers Briggs: ENFP
[in the flesh]
Sakuracon 2010: fem!Ellis (L4D2), Mistress of Ultraprison (Superjail!)
Kumoricon 2010: dress!Hungary (Hetalia), Rosa (Assassin's Creed 2), Season 2 Katara (A:tLA), Lynette Guycott (Scott Pilgrim)
Akicon 2010: Season 2 Katara (A:tLA), Dr Mrs The Monarch (The Venture Brothers)

Hi, I'm Jaqua (don't feel bad if you don't know how to pronounce that) and I'm terrible at writing bios for myself. I like video games, cartoons, traveling, writing things that aren't bios, and generally making a fool of myself. I am an enormous Harry Potter fan. I like theater and movies and making things I have no use for but are pretty anyway. I like to paint and draw and I'm really slow at both. Someday I want to either live or attend school abroad, either in Italy, Spain, England, Amsterdam, Ireland, or France. I make silly faces. I think I have explained myself pretty well.