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Yaoicon 2010 Cosplay Schedule!

Ahaha I forgot I had this icon... ANYWAY!
Unfortunately Qire and I (Yagi) will be the only PoSms at Ycon this year. ;o; But a whole lot of Other Cool Dudes will be there as well, so it won't be too lonely!

EDIT: Lawl change of plans. Unsurprisingly. : P

- Jet and Sokka ~ Avatar: The Last Airbender
- Sarah and Odette ~ Honeydew Syndrome
- Vampire!Jet and Werewolf!Sokka ~ A:TLA fanfic AU/orig design just normal Jet and Sokka again probably
- Casual Germany & CD Prussia Casual Spain & S.Italy ~ Axis Powers Hetalia

We'll do our best to bring back as much video and photo ridiculousness as we can to share with the rest of you~! T^T
Come say hi if you see us!

Now back to homework and sewing and cleaning and AAAAHHHH con prep is so crazy. @~@