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Akicon 2010 Cosplay Schedule!

Several of us PoSms will be at Akicon this year: Qire, Malaria, Jaqua, Rekka, and myself, as well as some Other Cool Dudes. We're only doing one, maybe two group cosplays, though, and even then only a few of us are in each group. But still! We'll be there! : D And we'll miss Felix and Auricle and all the other Other Cool Dudes. : <

We have no schedule for specific days, so just in general our group cosplays for Akicon are:
 - Avatar: The Last Airbender
 - ? Mafitalia Bros + Spain

As for Yaoicon, I'll make separate posts for the two lovely photoshoots we did with the wonderful Roget. <3

See you at Akicon!