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[PHOTOSHOOT] German Trio - Adventures at Austria's House

Characters: Germany, Austria and Prussia - Axis Powers Hetalia
Date: Saturday July 17th 2010
Location: Malaria's house
Photographer: Andy
I have obviously been overwhelmingly slow in getting these up. So now they're Happy American Thanksgiving pics. It's still Thursday on the west coast. It's how we roll.
This was originally supposed to be a shipping sort of shoot, but we are apparently huge failures at doing even vaguely shippy things and having them turn out well. In light of our egregious fail, we are taking requests in the hope that it'll inspire us to be better. Details at the end of this post.

Qire - Germany
Malaria - Austria
Yagi - Prussia

We open with Austria being Austria at the piano...

... and some unannounced visitors in the parlor.

Austria's less than pleased with how they announce themselves.

But for a little while, it seems like even Prussia can play along nicely...

...Until he decides that he'd look much better sitting on Austria's piano bench. Alone.

But Prussia's playing really needed correction anyway, so Austria compromises. with impromptu music lessons.

Eventually, Prussia gets bored, wanders off, and it's Germany's turn! Where was he skulking this whole time, anyway?

Germany's not as interested in music lessons as he could be.

They break for teatime. While Austria is in the kitchen, Germany and Prussia are busy feeding their pre-tea snacks to Gilbird.

When the tea comes out, exactly one person in the room is happy about it. It's definitely not Prussia.

Or Germany. Or maybe he's just confused because it doesn't come in a beer stein.

Regardless, they start to work together to ruin Austria's teatime.

When that doesn't work, they start looking for subtle ways to make teatime end early.

It doesn't work.

Eventually, they get through tea, and Germany and Austria decide to have a nice chat outside.

Well, at least it was nice for a little while.

Then it was time to go. Germany and Prussia tried to do a nice goodbye, but it was really hard for them.

Together with Austria, they managed a proper thank you for taking the time to check out this photoshoot.

We still wanna make up for our shipping fail above, and since we had trouble coming up with anything remotely romantic ourselves, we figured we'd turn it over to the Hetalia fans, 'cause you guys know pretty much exactly what you want.

Since we did the Austria's House shoot in July, we've added some members to our little cosplay group, which means in addition to requesting shots with Austria, Germany and Prussia, you can also ask for Hungary and N Italy.

We love prompts that are about specific historical events, and we love to be silly. We don't think any one ship is better than any other, so don't be afraid to suggest a rarer combination!
By the same token, there's some limits to what we'll do:
-Nudity ain't happenin'
-Non-con makes our skin crawl

There's no limit to the number of requests a single person can make, so feel free to comment with as many as you like! We might not do every request, but goshdarnit it we will try.
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