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[TUTORIAL] Nail Acrylic Teeth

As requested by several people, here is a tutorial for making teeth out of fake nails and nail acrylic! It may not sound very appealing, but this method is actually very similar to the method used to make Scarecrow fangs. Like Scarecrow fangs, nail acrylic fangs (or full sets of nail acrylic teeth) are custom fit to your teeth, very durable, and last a very long time through many many uses. This tutorial is for making both fangs and full sets of teeth, such as my Veser teeth. I did not invent this method, I simply made the tutorial.

CAUTION & DISCLAIMER: This tutorial contains unflattering close-up photos of my mouth. : x The photos were also taken by myself myspace-style, and the fang making process was rather rushed, so the photos and fangs are not the highest quality. My apologies.


  • ABSOLUTELY DO NOT use this method if you have braces, caps, or any other orthodontic addition attached to the FRONT of or covering your WHOLE tooth. The acrylic will get stuck to and break them.
  • I STRONGLY DO NOT RECOMMENDED that you use this method if you have a permanent retainer on the BACK of your teeth. If you choose to proceed anyway, you must be VERY CAREFUL not to let the acrylic wrap around your retainer, otherwise it will get stuck and break your retainer.
  • If you ONLY plan to make one or two pairs of fangs, this method is NOT COST EFFECTIVE. I suggest instead that you buy a pair of Scarecrow fangs, which cost about the same as buying the nail acrylic, use a similar method to custom fit your teeth, and are much easier to work with. (See the comparison of nail acrylic fangs and Scarecrow fangs at the end of the tutorial.)
  • Nail acrylic has very strong fumes, so you must work in a WELL VENTILATED area and take frequent breaks.
  • Be very careful that you DO NOT SWOLLOW the acrylic mixture. It also taste horrible before it solidifies, so try not to lick it either. : )




  • A fan for ventilation
  • Fake nails, usually can be bought for cheap at drug stores like Rite Aid
  • Small scissors
  • Nail acrylic powder and nail acrylic liquid, which can be bought at any beauty supply store that sells nail salon products, such as Sally Beauty Supply
  • Small container to mix the acrylic in, such as a tiny paper cup or a cleaned out bottle cap (in the photo above is a small black container that comes with Scarecrow fangs)
  • PLASTIC spoon to scoop and mix the acrylic with (you only need one, but having two for the powder and liquid is a little easier)
  • Nail file, preferably metal
  • Mirror
  • Paper towels in case of spills or drooling (no really, you will probably drool)
  • An empty pill bottle or other small container to keep the fangs in when they are finished
  • A friend to lend a helping hand! (I had to make the fangs in this tutorial by myself. It was difficult. D: )


First and most importantly, wash your hands and brush your teeth!

Cover your work space to protect it, preferably with something waterproof such as a plastic table cloth, or work someplace where you won’t mind if you accidentally spill acrylic everywhere.

Gather your supplies.

Begin cutting out the shape of BOTH fangs, holding them up to your teeth to check the shape and size. Make sure each fang is BIGGER than your actual tooth. If you cut it too big, you can always file it down later. If it’s too small, you have to start all over.

The fangs might not be a perfect match since your teeth are probably not symmetrical, but as long as the fangs look good on your teeth, that’s all that matters.

*** If you are making a full set of sharp teeth for your whole mouth, start at your TWO FRONT TEETH, then work your way towards the edges of your mouth, making them in pairs, one pair at a time. Do the same with your bottom teeth.

Get ready to mix the acrylic. Once you start mixing, you only have a couple of minutes before the acrylic starts to harden, so only mix enough for ONE fang at a time.

First add the liquid. Pour a small amount onto the spoon, and then pour from the spoon into your mixing container. You only want a very small amount. Pour any excess back into the bottle.

CLOSE the liquid acrylic bottle. Your lungs and remaining brain cells will thank you later. You’re also less likely to spill it.

Next add the powder. Using the handle end of the spoon, scoop out a tiny bit of powder at a time and add it to the liquid, mixing as you go. You want the mixture to be malleable like the consistency of soft chewing gum: not wet enough to drip, but not so dry that it starts to clump.

Using your finger or the spoon handle, scoop up enough of the mixture to evenly cover the back of the fang.

Using the mirror to spot yourself, push the fang onto your tooth with an upward and slightly back motion. Holding the fang against your tooth near your gum line, spread the mixture over the back of your tooth, covering it completely.

*** For extra hold, spread the mixture across the backs of the teeth on either side of your fang tooth as well.

Carefully let go of the fang and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Keep your mouth open so that your lips and bottom teeth don’t bump the fang. Tilting your head back will help you not drool everywhere, but you have the paper towels just in case.

While you wait, go ahead and scrape the excess acrylic out of the mixing container and off the spoon so that they're nice and clean for the next fang.

After 5-10 minutes, tap the back of the fang with your bottom teeth to make sure the mixture has solidified. Then, gently pry the fang off. It may be hard to get off at first, but just keep trying and it will come off.

Congrats, you now have a fang! But it’s a little messy. Cut off ONLY the messy bits that are VISIBLE when the fang is on your tooth. DO NOT cut off any of the back. That’s what keeps the fang on your tooth.

Use the nail file to tidy up and shape the VISIBLE parts of the fang to your liking, but remember the 10 FOOT RULE: If it’s not noticeable from 10 feet away, don’t spend too much time on it. : )

Put the fang back on your tooth to make sure it still stays. If you accidentally trimmed off too much and need to add more acrylic to the back of your tooth to make it stay, do so now.

Once your fang is done, leave it on while you make the second fang so you can make sure your fangs don’t end up crooked.

Repeat the mixing, setting, trimming and filing process with the second fang.

*** If you are making a full set of teeth, spread the mixture of each new fang over the back of the neighboring finished fang. This will bond the fangs together so that you end up with a denture-like row of teeth instead of a bunch of separate teeth. Be careful when you pull the teeth off not to break them apart. If they do break apart, put them back on your teeth and add more acrylic to the backs.

And now you’re done! Congratulations! Unfortunately, you really shouldn't go out and wear them right away. Instead, you should take them out of your mouth and set them someplace in the open where they won't get lost so they can AIR OUT for at least a day and stop tasting so strongly of acrylic. XP You should also let any supplies that got covered in acrylic that you plan to reuse air out as well.

that is the derpiest smile ever ugh

You may notice that your new fangs are whiter than the teeth around them. Depending on how much whiter they are, it may not be a problem with the 10 Foot Rule. But if you do decide to try to yellow your fangs, I DO NOT recommend tea staining. The acrylic and the plastic nails do not stain to the same color. You can try finding the right shade of nail polish to paint the teeth, but I have not actually tried this method yet, so I make no guarantees. I would suggest after painting that you let them air out again though.

*** If you made a full set of teeth, you do not need to color them because all of the visible teeth will be nice and white! : )

Once you start wearing your fangs, if they are having trouble staying in and you don’t want to add more acrylic to them, a little denture glue will do the trick.


A quick comparison, just for your information.

Scarecrow fangs use a similar powder and liquid mixture as the nail acrylic (it even smells the same, yuck!), so the process of fitting Scarecrow fangs to your teeth is very similar. However, there are several benefits to buying Scarecrow fangs instead of making them from nail acrylic.

The biggest benefit is that you don’t have to cut out and shape the fang yourself. Saves so much time! They also come already tooth-colored.

Scarecrow fangs have a back to them, so all you have to do is stuff the mixture into the hole and then position the fang on your tooth. No spreading messy mixture across the backs of your teeth with your finger!

Scarecrow fangs come with the fangs, the powder and liquid mixture, a stirring stick, and a small container that doubles as both a mixing container and a storage container once the fangs are done. So convenient!

As I said in the warning section above, a pair of Scarecrow fangs costs about as much as the nail acrylic powder and liquid, so unless you plan to make A LOT of fangs or a mouth full of teeth, there’s really no reason to make a single pair of fangs out of nail acrylic when you could just buy them for the same price and save A LOT of time and energy. : )

My one complaint about Scarecrow fangs is that even the smaller subtle ones (pictured above) still seem a liiiiitttlle bulky, especially at the gum line. But, following the 10 Foot Rule, it's not really that big of a deal.


I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! I've never made a tutorial before, so if you have any questions or comments, please let me know.



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May. 9th, 2012 10:41 pm (UTC)
I don't mean to lecture you or anything but methyl methacrylate in its uncured form is HIGHLY toxic and it is a VERY VERY BAD IDEA to put it into your mouth. Once cured it is inert but the raw components (especially the liquid) aren't something you ever want to get on or in you. I work with this stuff and we have to use vent hoods and wear gloves around it. If you really are set on using this material you could make a cast of your teeth using dental alginate and pour up a plaster cast to work off of, otherwise it's best to steer clear of it.
Karro N-man
May. 18th, 2012 08:54 am (UTC)
I've got braces but the cosplay I'm doing require fangs, do you think its possible to make fangs that fits on top of the braces?

sorry for my bad english -.-
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